Stair Lift Rental: Short-term Mobility Solution and Smart Financial Choice
The Cost of Stair Lift Rentals

Most dealers will not give an exact cost. This is because the cost of installation varies from home to home, depending on the stairs. However, most rental dealers can provide an estimate.

Usually there is a down payment which covers the cost of installation at the beginning of the rental term and the removal of the stair lift when the rental term expires. This can cost anywhere from $600 to $1,000. The monthly rental fee is usually between $75 to $100.

Who Installs a Stair Lifts for Rent?

The cost of installation is included in the initial down payment. Dealers prefer to install their stair lift rentals in the home and do not rent DIY stair lifts. This allows both you and the dealer to check for problems that may occur, including:

  • height and width of the stair lift and how it fits the stairs
  • any issues with the rail system
  • mechanical issues with the drive train

Both Silver Cross is one of the top, reputable sources for finding stair lift rental dealers.

Types of Stair Lifts You Can Rent

Only straight stair lifts can be rented. Curved stair lifts cannot be rented because the track rail is customized to fit each specific home and staircase. Outdoor stair lifts are rarely ever rented as well, because of the wear and tear of the elements on the stair lift. Also, outdoor systems are generally customized for a specific residential area, which makes it difficult to modify to the another outdoor setting.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Renting

The obvious advantage to stair lift rental is cost. It makes poor economic sense to buy a stair lift that is only needed for a short while.

The disadvantages to renting a stair lift includes:

  • Only straight stair lifts are available for rental
  • You have to accept what is offered and it may not match your decor

Shopping Tips

  • Always get your estimate in writing.
  • Find out what maintenance is included in your rental. The deposit should cover the installation, removal and power supply.
  • Make sure the dealer to include regular service calls and general maintenance. A stair lift rental has been used by others and is generally an older model.

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Stair Lift Rental: Short-term Mobility Solution and Smart Financial Choice

Stair lift rental is a logical choice if a stair lift is only needed for a
few months. Economically feasible, renting a stair lift saves
thousands of dollars as opposed to the cost of a new one.

Stair lift rental is a cost-effective solution for those who only need
the stair lift for a short time, or for those who wish to "try before
they buy."

Why Rent a Stair Lift?

If there is no need for a home stair lift for an extended period of
time, renting a used stair lift makes financial sense. People who
only need stair lifts for a small period of time include:

  • those having relatives with mobility issues visit
  • those with temporary injuries
  • those recovering from knee, hip and back surgery

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