Stair Lifts for Seniors
Offer Many Home Benefits

Stair lifts for seniors are an exciting
option for many people who are
either elderly or for those who are
involved in the eldercare of their
parents or loved ones.

Since the leading cause of death or
injury among those over 60 years of
age is an accidental fall, it stands to
reason that those who live in
multi-level homes should consider a stair lift installation, not only for superior mobility reasons, but also for additional safety.

There are many good reasons to consider installing stair lifts for seniors. This particular type of mobility equipment can add much more to a person's life than simply the ability to get up and down stairs.

Here are some of the best reasons to install a stair lift for seniors who live at home.

1. Better Mobility - As already discussed, home stair lifts can provide ready access to the upper floors in a home for an aging, injured or disabled person. A person doesn't have to be wheelchair-bound to enjoy the benefits of a chair lift. In fact, many people who are ambulatory, but have limited strength or dexterity can benefit from the less taxing ride up and down the stairs in a stairway lift.

2. Safety - Safety, of course, is very important when considering whether or not to add a lift system to a current home staircase. As mentioned earlier, since falls contribute to more deaths and injuries to those over 60 than any other cause in the home, it is obvious that a way to climb the stairs safely is very important.

You can be assured that all reputable stair lift companies provide the standard stairway lift safety features, as well as additional options for a safe ride up and down the staircase. You will not only minimize the chances of a household fall, but also get the proper safety features.

3. Increased independence - One of the hardest things about aging is the inability to do things that a person used to do. Unless someone has had the foresight to build an aging-in-place home or a universal design home, the staircase can be a very prohibitive area. In fact, many elderly people end up either having to move to another residence or have to give up ever going up the stairs.

An lift system can make it possible for them to continue living in a multi-home with all the independence that was formerly enjoyed. Installing a chair lift makes it possible for seniors to remain in their homes longer and enjoy increased safety at the same time.

4. Reduce caregiving responsibilities and costs - A difficult part of growing older is the need for increased caregiving by family, medical or community based groups. Caregiving is especially difficult when part of the problems are in having to deal with the lack of access to the home that a staircase causes.

Issues such as carrying in the groceries, doing laundry, cleaning upper levels of the home and doing other errands that must be conducted throughout a multi-level home, can become more complicated when a senior cannot negotiate all areas easily and safely.

Some responsibilities will not have to be hired out, such as a housekeeper or other domestic helper, if all the house is accessible to seniors who are ambulatory. This can save a lot of money in the long run, if a senior can continue to do basic domestic chores.

Indoor and outdoor stair lifts can make areas such as basements, two or 3 story staircases, porches, and decks easy to climb without assistance from anyone. This gives more peace of mind and freedom to seniors as well as to their families.

5. Relatively inexpensive - There are many ways to get a good lift system for the home that is both affordable and practical. There are DIY stair lifts as well as used stair lifts for sale that can significantly defray some of the more expensive models. You can also choose a stair lift rental that is easily installed temporarily on a stair case. Since the average homeowner only uses a stair lift system approximately 2-3 years, it may be more advantageous for you to check out various rental options that are available.

6. Easy to install - There is no problem with the installation of most stair lifts. In fact, even a DIY stair lift installation is very easy for straight staircases. A knowledgeable handyman can typically follow the installation instructions for an easy install. Also, all reputable companies provide installations for other models, and provide warranties and servicing with their products. So, if you can't do it yourself, the company with whom you deal can provide the installation.

7. Morale booster - Having a stairway lift in the home can help lift a person's morale. Just the ability to remain independent, safe and in their own home with its special memories, is a huge morale booster to seniors of all ages.

Losing one's dignity through sickness and the inability to handle one's personal, day-to-day needs can result in depression and lack of motivation. That's why stair lifts for seniors, the disabled or elderly can be such as huge boost to the positive state of mind that is needed for them to live life to the fullest, no matter their age or health condition.

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