system that you need:

1. Used stair lift dealers in your local area

Often, they keep a supply in stock for people who only temporarily need a stair lift. You can find various features and accessories that suit your situation. Dealers can provide information on various models, installation procedures, warranties and other concerns you may have about their used products.

2. Online medical or mobility equipment stores

Websites that feature used or refurbished mobility equipment and durable medical supplies provide product information, pricing, installation requirements, payment options and warranty details for each system they offer. You can deal directly with these companies through email or by phone.

3. Private sales, local newspaper ads, yard sales and
community boards may offer listings of used stairlifts by
private owners who want to sell their lift system from their

However, do exercise caution when buying from a private
owner, since the products come with no installation or
warranties. It is generally best to purchase from a reputable
dealer, either online or through a local or national store

Who Installs Used Stair Lifts?

Often, the dealer from whom you purchase used equipment
will install it. If you purchase one from a private owner,
you will be responsible for the installation. There are online
sites that can connect you with used systems in your area.
Used systems purchased from a dealer are generally not
DIY stair lifts that are designed to be self installed.

Three of the top websites for finding used stair lifts are:

You can also look in your local yellow pages for medical or mobility equipment services for your locale that may sell used stairlifts.

Prices of Used Stair Lifts

The prices for used equipment varies. Prices depend on installation mode and area of the country. Generally, prices for used stair lifts start around $1,000.00, and there are three sources of funding available to those in need. Stair lifts for seniors or the disabled can sometimes be provided through a grant or some assistance. You can contact these groups to see if you qualify for assistance in purchasing this type of mobility equipment for residential use.

  • Government programs
  • Service clubs
  • Local agencies

Benefits and Disadvantages of Used Stair Lifts

The biggest advantage to buying used equipment is the savings on the stair lift cost. You can save literally thousands of dollars by purchasing a used stair lift. By purchasing from a reputable dealer, you will also benefit from professional installation and a product that is under warranty.

The majority of disadvantages are found mainly if you purchase from a private seller. You will receive no warranty and no installation service.

Another issue is that those who own curved staircases are at a disadvantage for finding a used lift system because a pre-owned curved stair lift will not fit, since curved chair lifts are custom made for each environment. Only straight stair lifts are offered for rental by reputable dealers because these are easily fitted.

The same goes for outdoor stair lifts, since they are also customized to fit the particular residential setting. Therefore, buying a used system for outdoors would most likely be useless in your situation.

Safety Issues and Warranties

Buying a pre-owned stairlift from a private party is not recommended. There may be issues with the drive train, the motor, or the chair that are not easily recognizable.

Warranties are available on used lift systems when purchased from a reputable dealer. Although these warranties may not be as comprehensive as those on new ones, they usually cover installation and mechanical parts.

Since the typical length of time for use is approximately 3 years, a used stair lift that is in good condition may be the most economical and practical purchase option for many people who can still benefit from a quality system that has seen little wear and tear.

For More Information:

Used Stair Lifts: Best Economical,
Practical Solution for the Home

Reconditioned or used stair lifts are an economical solution for those who want the benefits of stairlifts without often expensive price tag.

Unfortunately, sometimes when a home stair lift is needed, the list price may be impractical for those who are strained financially to invest in additional home mobility aids and medical equipment.

It has been proven that stairway lifts, can make life easier for those with limited mobility. However, the high price of a new lift system is often a deterrent.

Why Purchase a Used Stair Lift?

Since  the typical staircase lift is generally used for about three years, most are in relatively good shape when no longer needed. In fact, they are typically built to last at least ten years while under normal.

Often, stair lift companies that sell new stair glider systems, will also buy the systems back from their customers when they are no longer needed. They are then refurbished so that it is in just as proper working order as when new.

This purchase option is often the best solution for many people who need to install a chair lift in their home or outside a multi-level residence.

You may also want to consider choosing a stair lift rental system if you only need it for a short time and don't want to spend the money for a complete unit for your home.

Where to Purchase Used Stair Lifts

There are three major sources that you can use to find the lift
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